In 2020 Google announced it would join Apple and Mozilla in phasing out third-party cookies in its web browser by 2022. Between them, Google Chrome (64%), Apple Safari (19%), and Mozilla Firefox (4%) take up 87% of the global browser market.

This means that third-party cookies — which have driven the online advertising economy for the past two decades — will soon be consigned to internet history. Although it is still unclear what will follow in their tracks, we can be sure that the world’s biggest tech companies will invest heavily to secure a reliable alternative.

As of mid-March, Apple…

You probably know that your website should always contain original content. If your site has duplicate content, it is a huge mistake that can hurt your site ranking and your reputation. Plagiarism, or passing someone else’s work off as your own without permission, is unacceptable both online and offline. Duplicate content can cause you to be penalized by Google by having your page rank lowered or by having your web page removed altogether from searches. This defeats the purpose of publishing content at all.

Another possibility that you have to consider is that others may duplicate your site’s content and…

Good design is about good ingredients. If one were a chef, the best spices, vegetables, and meats would be necessary. A bad chef is someone who chooses the pre-made cake mix, rather than making a wonderful cake from scratch.

Zapf Dingbats are well drawn and have an excellent pedigree, created nay Hermann Zapf. But they are ubiquitous and ‘off the shelf’. They work well for handmade signs for lost dogs or birthday parties.

Like most design elements, a good rule of thumb is to ask this question: ‘Could my mother design this?’ Unless your mother is a noted designer, she…

As the Covid-19 storm continues, one thing is for sure: the world will never be quite the same again.

Thrust into a state of isolation, we have all had to adapt to a more solitary existence, relying increasingly on the hyper-connective capabilities of the digital world, as well as our local communities to navigate these most unusual of times.

Since the start of the lockdown, consumer circumstances and buying habits have changed and brands have been forced to change their operational approach as well as their messaging in response. …

Social media plays a massive role in the life of the average North American. In fact, as of 2017, Facebook was the 3rd most viewed website on the globe, after Google and YouTube. With many users on these platforms, there’s a need to create order, and an algorithm does just that.

Social media algorithms are always changing, making it challenging to keep up with marketing codes of conduct. There’s no way to know every detail that goes into every change, but we have a good idea. Depending on the platform you use, your social media expectations will differ. …

Social media is an entity that never fails to surprise. When you think one platform has managed to monopolise the space, another emerges almost out of nowhere, and the landscape shifts.

While giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter remain relevant in an ever-evolving digital age — a new contender has entered the arena to a great welcome, especially among young people — TikTok.

A social media app that allows users to post short lip-synced, music, talent, or comedy videos, TikTok has taken the social media world by storm. …

Studies show that the UK spends more than any other European nation on seasonal gifts. And last year in the US, households spent an average of $1,536 during the festive period.

There’s no denying that there’s a certain magic associated with seasonal shopping that’s embodied by the ultimate offline shopping experience — the traditional department store.

But how have these ‘grande dames’ of the high street adapted to the ever-growing digital transformation that sees online spending increasing with each holiday season or ‘golden quarter’.

If you’re a traditional department store, it is possible to offer a seamless omnichannel experience to…

One of the biggest challenges for many people in digital roles is that they weren’t necessarily intending to wind up working in digital marketing. There is a highly diverse mix of people that make up digital marketing departments. Often, there isn’t even a digital marketing department per se.

Regardless of what your digital marketing situation looks like, there is one thing you can be sure of: If you want to be successful and remain a member of that elite, highly talented team, then you should never utter any of the following words to your Digital Manager.

We’re out of money.

Gordon Miller

Creative & Digital Head. Biker. Photographer and Videographer. Charity Director and Children’s Panel member. Academic at University of Salford.

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